The Hague on Budget

The Hague on Budget

Everything from affordable accommodations, to restaurants, to free attractions can be done easily when visiting The Hague. While you are there, you must check out the following attractions:

The Hague is an exciting city to visit, it’s a vibrant metropolis but at the same time, feels like a small town. It has tall houses, charming mansions and stylish hectic streets, as well as serene canals and open plazas. Besides the typical tourist attractions, the city has plenty to offer when you’re traveling on a budget.

Bicycle on Hofvijer canal, close to Binnenhof, The Hague, The Netherlands

Around the city on a bike

The Netherlands is famous for its bike culture and The Hague is the perfect place to try it out. Why? The streets tend to be a bit wider and less hectic than those in Amsterdam. Riding through The Hague on a bike is a fast and pleasant way to see the most beautiful places in the city. A ride of approx. 15 km will take you from the heart of the city to the beautiful seaside resort, Scheveningen. You can create a bike-friendly route that takes you past many of the city’s historic and cultural must-see sights, such as the Binnenhof, the Peace Palace and Scheveningen. There are many bike rentals in the city with prices starting from €7 a day. If you are new to cycling, more information about how to start riding a bike in The Hague, you can find here.

The Hague, Netherlands - February 25 2018: Escher in Het Paleis Museum exterior building facade

The Escher Museum

Explore the work of M. C. Escher in the old winter palace of the royal family. Throughout the building, you will find his mathematically inspired masterpieces and a whole floor dedicated to interactive exhibits. Escher’s artwork is fascinating and includes illusions, drawings of the impossible, transformations of one object into another, and altered realities. Entrance fee to the museum is only €10 and you can get a group discount.

The Hague, The Netherlands - October 11, 2019: Narrow cobbled street in the old part of the city. On both sides of the street there are shops and restaurants and in the distance there are a few people. The Hague is locally called Den Haag and is the seat of the Dutch government, but not this city but Amsterdam is the constitutional capital of the Netherlands.

Strolling in the city

You can always explore without a map or any direction in mind, but if you are wondering where to go, we’ve got a few ideas for you. Starting from the Binnenhof you can make a left turn onto Lange Voorhout – home to a many institutions and monuments. Make sure to walk down Hooikade to view the prettiest canal in The Hague. Then, you’ll get to admire the antique shops along Denneweg. Next on your list can be the Noordeinde. It’s the heart of the historic part of The Hague and it leads to the King’s Palace. These are just a few interesting streets for strolling through, and you can always choose one of many free walking tours.

autumn at the public Japanese Garden at Clingendael Park in The Hague; The Hague, Netherlands

Take a break from the city noise 

In The Hague, you will find many parks for resting and relaxing. One of the most beautiful parks in the city is the Clingendael. Even if you’ll miss seeing the beautiful Japanese garden that is open only twice a year, you can still enjoy the lush former estate’s mansion and countless acres of forest. The park has a very eventful history that dates to the 16th century. Tranquil and quite old are also the Palace Gardens which trail behind Noordeinde Palace. There are many peaceful spots across the park, as well as flowerbeds, fountains and ponds. Another beautiful piece of nature is Westbroekpark. It is surrounded by water and is accessible via footbridges from the north and south.

Hague, Netherlands - August 7, 2016:  Unidentified people in a book and antiques market stall in the street of The Hague

Visit the markets

The Hague Market (Haagse Markt) claims to be the largest market in Europe. This is the place where you will find the best street food. The Hague Market is a beautiful mix of stalls that reflect the diversity of the Netherlands, from Caribbean cuisine to Moroccan. You also get to travel through time by visiting the weekly Antique Market. In the Autumn it’s held on Thursdays in Plein. It’s always a great place to look for souvenirs, postcards, and paintings.

A variety of baguettes on display in a shop window in Amsterdam

For the foodies out there

Dining in the Netherlands can be sometimes quite expensive, but you can definitely find affordable places to eat. You can enjoy meals such as pizza, gyros, and sandwiches for about €5. For a meal in a restaurant, you’ll spend approx. €20 for a main dish and drink. Meals at fast food joints will cost you around €10. Another place where you can find delicious and affordable food is the Hague Market. Some of its most famous tasty temptations are the lekkerbek and the herring, which are known as one of the best in the Netherlands.

Delft panorama sunny day

Art lovers?

Explore the largest public exhibition of The Hague and go for a tour in the Segbroek district. There you will find nearly 40 major works by national and international artists. In collaboration with the local government, 2,000 square meters of walls and electricity houses were painted to prevent illegal graffiti and vandalism. If you would like to discover all the street art within Segbroek by yourself, we suggest you use this map.