Discover the Hague

Discover the Hague

Some places always remain dear to one’s heart. The Hague can be said to be such a place.

The Hague – A royal city by the sea

The Hague (Den Haag or ‘s-Gravenhage in Dutch), is located in the west of the Netherlands and is the 3rd largest city in the country. It is part of the ‘’Randstad’’, a name used to refer to the metropolis area of the four largest Dutch cities (Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague & Utrecht) and their surrounding areas.

The Hague fulfils the role of the political capital of the Netherlands, as the government and parliament, the residency of the royal family, most foreign embassies, ministries and several international organisations are seated in the city.

The city is incredibly diverse and offers you a bit of everything. It’s the only large city on the Dutch coastline and is surrounded by beautiful nature. You’ll be captivated by its modern skyline while in contrast, you’re able to enjoy beautiful historical buildings and royal palaces. Its international character is accompanied by a classic Dutch vibe. The Hague is one of the most extraordinary cities in the Netherlands, and a place that will remain close to your heart once you’ve discovered it.

Sights & Attractions

The Peace Palace

The Peace Palace is the symbol of peace and justice and is one of the most photographed buildings in the city. The International Court of Justice and the Permanent Court of Arbitration are based here. The Visitors Centre has an impressive interactive exhibition on war and peace, and there are guided tours of the gardens and of the most impressive and beautiful rooms in the Palace.

Mauritshuis & Other Museums

The Mauritshuis is home to the best Dutch paintings dated back to the Golden Age. The world-renowned collection includes masterpieces such as Vermeer’s “Girl with a Pearl Earring”, “The Anatomy Lesson” by Dr. Nicolaes, “Tulp” by Rembrandt, “The Goldfinch” by Fabritius and “The Bull” by Potter.

Additional museums include the Gemeentemuseum, hosting the world’s biggest Mondrian Collection, and the Escher Museum.

Binnenhof & the Hofvijver

The Binnenhof is the political heart of the Netherlands. You can tour and visit the House of Representatives and the Hall of Knights, or just walk around the inner court and the ‘’Hofvijver’’ (Court Pond) and enjoy the beauty of these historical buildings.

Beach resort Scheveningen

The Hague has 11 kilometres of beach, right in its back yard! The neighbourhood on the sea is called Scheveningen, and you’ll find this area doesn’t just offer beach and sea, it also hosts many events and festivals throughout the year. There are lots of options for beach and action sports if you’re up for something more than just relaxing on the beach or strolling the boulevard. And, you’ll find the largest interconnected dune area of the region around Scheveningen, a true treat for nature lovers!


Miniature theme park Madurodam is the ultimate place to discover Holland and give you an overall impression of the country’s highlights and heritage, in miniature form! Canal houses, tulip fields, cheese markets, a wooden shoe factory, windmills, the Peace Palace, the Delta Works: you will find them all at Madurodam!

Royal Hotspots

The Hague is a royal city, with many palaces and monuments, as well as the King’s and his families place of residence, Huis ten Bosch palace.

The King’s working palace, Palace Noordeinde, is surrounded by lovely boutiques and galleries. The palace is not open to the public, but you can visit the palace garden, which is a beautiful sight by itself.

City squares, terraces & markets

One of the other ways to enjoy this city, is to simply discover it by strolling through it’s beautiful squares and streets, wonder and shop in the Hofkwartier (Court Quarter), sit on a terrace with a drink and a typical Dutch snack, or visit the biggest outdoor market in Europe for a truly local experience.

Tips & Links

While in the Netherlands…

Check out some of the other cities and sights around the city. Amsterdam, Rotterdam & Delft are right around the corner and worthwhile your time if you’re able to extend your visit!