Call for Panels

Call for Panels

”A man doesn’t plant a tree for himself. He plants it for posterity.” ‒ Alexander Smith.

Panel Submission is Closed

Industry Panel Submission is still open – more information can be found here.

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Please note the requirements for Panel submission:

  • A description of the panel (max. 1,000 words).
  • Panels are 90 minutes in length.
  • At least 30 minutes of audience Q&A.
  • Panels should be comprised of 3-5 Speakers plus a Chair or Moderator (any of the Speakers can be designated as the Chair).
  • No more than two Speakers of the same nationality.
  • We are aiming for gender-balanced panels. All male panels will not be accepted.
  • Prior to submission, the Chair and Proposer should confirm the preliminary availability of every Speaker in their panel.
  • The submission form allows you to store your panel as a DRAFT until the deadline. After the deadline if not submitted, drafts will be deleted. 
  • Click on the SUBMIT button at the end of the process in order to submit your panelChanges will not be possible to your proposed panel after it is submitted. 
  • Only the proposer will receive notification of the final Programme Committee decision, and he/she is responsible for communicating the result to the Chair and all other Speakers.
  • Please contact us if you have not received confirmation that your panel has been submitted. 
  • Please do not submit multiple copies of the same panel. 

All members of the panel (speakers and the chair/moderator) must cover their individual travel and registration costs.
The cost for hosting a panel is €1,500. The proposer will be issued an invoice only after the panel has been selected.